• Training Workshop for Permanent Participants of the Arctic Council


    The Indigenous Peoples’ Secretariat in partnership with The Gordon Foundation (Canada) are organizing a Training Workshop for Permanent Participants of the Arctic Council. A desire for training opportunities was expressed by the IPS Board and is included in the 2015 Strategic Plan.

    The Workshop will take place October 15-17, 2015 in Vancouver. Attached please find the agenda, which will focus on three themes:

    (1)    A Refresher on the Arctic Council: History, Mandate, Structures, and Operating Procedures;

    (2)    Effective Communications; and

    (3)    Negotiation Skills.

    Agenda for the workshop



    24 September 2015

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  • Traditional Knowledge
    Traditional Knowledge There is no unanimous international definition on what traditional knowledge (TK) is, even though it has become an established, widely used phrase.
    28 June 2013


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