Friday, 12 March 2010 08:15

Arctic Leaders Summit V coming up in Moscow

RAIPON will be hosting the 5th Arctic Leaders Summit in Moscow on 14 and 15 April. On behalf of all of the 6 Arctic Council Permanent Participants and supported by the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, RAIPON is inviting parliamentarians and officials of the Arctic states and the Arctic Council as well as representatives of UN agencies, international financial institutions, and educational and scientific institutions to the summit to discuss industrial development in the Arctic under climate change.

The history of the Arctic Leaders Summit dates back to 1991 when ICC hosted the first of these events in Copenhagen. The main theme of the first summit was strengthening cooperation and partnership between indigenous peoples and governments.

Two years later, in 1993 in Norway, Saami Council hosted the second summit the theme of which was traditional knowledge and decisionmaking processes in the Arctic.

Then, after an interval of 6 years, RAIPON hosted the third summit that took place in Moscow in 1999 and had indigenous health issues as its main focus.

Another 6 years having elapsed, ALS IV was hosted by AAC in Canada in 2005. Environmental challenges, contaminants, oil and gas impacts and participation in the International Polar Year events were on the agenda.

When the Presidents and Chairs of the Permanents Participants gathered in Tromsø in April 2009 in conjunction with the Arctic Council Ministerial meeting they accepted the offer from RAIPON to host the ALS for the second time.

This time, the summit is scheduled back to back with the 20th anniversary of RAIPON to be celebrated on 16 April that will also see the opening in Moscow of the 2010 Northern Civilization Expo.

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